What are Directory Submission Service and How It Works?

Directory Submission is the process of submitting the website link building packages to several online web directories. It is one of the most commonly and affectively used Search Engine Optimization procedure that helps improves the ranking of your website on the World Wide Web. The main purpose of the Directory Submission is to increase the Search Engine Ranking of your website and make your presence felt on the internet. There are several Directory Submission Service providers. Webmaster can submit the website URL on the web directory on its own but even the expert SEOs prefer to outsource and hire Directory Submission experts. Directory submission is the easiest way of getting quality, permanent and one way back links to your website. You can gain hundreds of back links by submitting your website URL to the web directory, provided the web directory is effective and credible.

The effectiveness of Directory Submission Service totally depends up on the credibility and the effectiveness of the back linking company. There are several factors that need to be considered while choosing the Directory Submission Service.

Quality Web Directory: Directory Submission Services

First of it is of grave importance to pick a good quality web directory. The quality of a web directory depends on several factors:

  • A web directory that is SEO friendly is always preferred and brings about the desired results for your Directory Submission. There are hundreds and thousands of the web directories on the internet and not all of them are SEO friendly. Hence choosing the web directory that is SEO friendly will help increase the Search Engine Ranking of your web page.
  • Another factor that needs to be considered is whether or not the web directories approving the submissions anymore. There are several highly ranked and reputable web directories which haven’t approved any submission in over a year. There’s no point wasting one’s time and energy considering such web directories. If the web directory has approved submissions over the past six months then they are preferred. Search Engines also pick links from the web directories that are frequently updated.
  • Many directories allow all kinds of submissions which lead way to the spammers. The web directories with Captcha System are deemed to better so as to keep the spammers away.
  • The web directories that offer the one way back links are better than those that require for you to give the reciprocal links. Search Engines also reject the websites that require

Directory Submission Services

the reciprocal links as they lead to spamming and disregard the credibility of the Directory Submission Service.Manual Directory Submission Service is regarded as more credible and preferred. It may take time but it ensures the success and desired results of the link submission to the web directory. Manual Directory Submission Service carefully chooses the category that is relevant to your web page and thus increases the Search Engine Optimization and ranking of your page.

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